Monday, June 10, 2013

C&O Bike Mojo

Let's have some fun with C&O Bike Mojo!!  

What is bike mojo, you ask?  Bike Mojo is a bit of personality - plastic cartoon characters, jewelry, rubber duckies, chili peppers, whatever - to help make your bike unique and expressive.     Take a look at these examples:

                     The Bartman

Don't go out and buy something...  I'm guessing the kids have little trinkets, etc. left over from a couple years ago that they just haven't gotten rid of yet.  Challenge them to find something!  Have fun with it. But please don't choose something that will leave them heart broken if it gets lost!!!  Attach the trinket with a zip-tie or other lashing material or glue.  

Look for more updates shortly!!

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