About SolPlay

Our Vision is that SolPlay adventure camps provide enriching outdoor experiences that benefit children’s emotional, physical, and educational well-being. In Spanish, Sol means “sun” and elicits thoughts of the outdoors and its vast resources. SOL is also the abbreviation for Virginia’s Standards of Learning. These two meanings converge to form the core theme of SolPlay. SolPlay uses outdoor adventures to promote emotional and physical development of our campers. We also use these experiences as a platform to explore relevant educational opportunities. These educational opportunities are seamlessly embedded into camp activities and transparent to our campers.

Let's Paddle!  Laura and Joey are American Canoe Association (ACA) certified canoe and kayak instructors and would like to speak with you about helping with your next paddling adventure. We can either create a program for your group of adults, children or families where all the equipment is supplied or we can just join you on the water for some skills practice and added safety.  Contact us at info@solplay.net.

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