Friday, July 11, 2014

Up next!

First - in case you haven't heard... our Backpacking and Poetry camp was AWESOME!

We hiked...
We rafted...
We wrote poetry... and
We rested!

Up next - 

Explorers Camp is next week.  Monday and Tuesday activities will build team work and introduce new skills. Wednesday through Friday, the group will experience traditional overnight camping at nearby Pohick Bay campground.  Explorers campers will participate in activities such as a night hike, a park ranger naturalist presentation, disc golf course, intro to orienteering, creek stomp, archery instruction, team challenges, and a day at the Pirates Cove water park.   Pictures will follow!

Still looking for summer camp options?

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE -  July 21-25 (day camp - 5 days)

All the World's A Stage is a summer learning experience that combines creative writing, drama and performance.  Campers will interact with natural and urban settings while coaxing out the inner creative artist harbored with in us all.  This summer experience will engage campers in poetry and theater arts by writing and performing in natural, open-air, public spaces.  Through this five-day experience, participants will develop their creativity and skill by studying the work of other creators, creating works of their own, and evaluating the creations of their peers.  Each day, campers will access, perform, and assess various creative forms. Activities will be open to interpretation and personalization. (Cost $400)

LAND, AIR, AND SEA CAMP -   August 4-8 (4 night overnight)

Join SolPlay's Land, Air, and Sea Camp for a week full of activity. Campers will scale Signal Knob (LAND), get up in the AIR on Shenandoah River's State Park new canopy tours, and finish with a relaxing paddle down the Shenandoah River (SEA). Teams will work to design and make vehicles which transport objects across land, over water, and through the air. We'll camp right on the Shenandoah River and will enjoy group games, challenges, night hikes, and cooling dips.  Join us for this great adventure! (Cost: $650, discount of $25 to first 10 sign-ups)  

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